Malaysia trip

For a person who rarely visit places outside their state,International travel is something that brings goosebumps .My father put forward the idea when we were having a discussion of travelling in a flight.First we had a thought of going to Chennai in a Flight during Christmas vacation,Then my father asked why can’t we go to Malaysia!!! ( oh that was great feeling!!)

The planning of the trip started 3 months before.We needed to understand more about International travel,the formalities ,expense like that.The day when the plan was kickstarted till the day of travel was indeed a wait, 3 months felt like 3 years.We had no prerequisite knowledge.

First and foremost duty is to take passport.It took about a month.Its a complex procedure, people who have undergone the procedure would know.

After receiving the passports next task is to approach a good travel agency and Travelbae Calicut was our choice.

Advantages of Travel agency: less tension, we don’t need to bother about anything.They would arrange everything which include Flight tickets , Visa, hotel bookings , private vehicles and food.

We planned to spend our Christmas vacation in Malaysia and date of travel was on Dec 23. 4 Nights 5 Day package was choosen. Which include places like Petronas Twin Tower, Batu Caves ,Kuala Lumpur City tour , Genting Highlands , Sunway Lagoon Water park. Air Asia was the flight which was only available at Cochin International Airport. I stay at Calicut which is about 200 km away.

We booked Anavandi ( KSRCTC ) AC low floor to Nedumbassery Airport. The flight was on Dec 23 9 am. We were 4 of us , Father,Mother ,brother and myself. We were more anxious rather than enjoyment because we knew nothing about the Airport procedures and formalities. Cochin International Airport Terminal 3 is an architectural brilliance.We were awestruck by the beauty and the size of airport.( It was first time for me).Everything was new for us.It takes about 4 hrs and 30 min to reach Malaysia.We checked in and cleared the security check.The duty free shops attracted us and decided to buy some chocolates ( best part of the trip !!!)Each procedure from taking the boarding pass to clearing the security check was new for us.

There was a 2 hrs delay for the flight meanwhile we explored the airport. The flight which was expected to arrive at 9 would be at 11 am.we waited and waited.Then we could see our fight coming… these were moments of excitement and people who had this experience would know.Air Asia arrived and we slowly took our luggage and moved on. Excitement level and heartbeat increased when the distance between me and flight decreased.

Yes for the first time in my life I stepped into a flight. I could see beautiful air hostess who demonstrated the safety measures.A feeling of fear arises and would later understand this is very common.

It was my first take off , seat belts were put , boom!!! what a feeling we are above everything!!!