There is always something between Monsoon and School reopening. Everytime Monsoon arrives on the school reopening day. Today is June 6 , school reopening day in Kerala and obviously the rain has come. But for me my school days are over and eagerly waiting to step into college life.

My name is Deva krishna, will be turning 18 this 13th of June and welcome to my blog I will be posting all my travel diaries , feelings and thoughts on this blog.

SCHOOL…what a wonderful place to be!!! I studied in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, perumthiruthi for about 11 years till my 10th standard then I moved onto Silver hills public school for my 11th and 12th.

Since I had spend about 11 years in BVB(former school) it was indeed a part of my life. BVB shaped me … nurtured me and moulded me to the person who I am. I am very blessed to have so loving and caring teachers.

A long and dry 2 and half months have passed since my 12th std board exam, a vacation full of series of events which I would share in my future posts.

On this rain bathed day I can see lots of children going to school…its the place where geniuses are born and also criminals are born..its like 2 sides of coin.Schools should provide motivation and be great example for students